Noel and Kathleen Muldoon opened Muldoon Greenhouses in Port Coquitlam, BC, in 1972, and they continue to own and operate the company today. Noel has over 57 years in the horticulture industry, and is a well-known person in the industry. He studied and trained as a horticulturalist in Ireland, and later worked as an instructor in Britain. He moved to North America in 1965, landing first in New York, then Toronto, before finally settling in BC.

Muldoon’s began as a nursery in Port Coquitlam, growing mainly tropicals and bedding plants. By the mid 1970s, it had expanded to grow for and supply garden centres and big box stores. Noel also opened more locations in Alberta, Florida and Guatemala. Muldoon’s began growing tropical plants for box stores, and eventually expanded to grow spring flowering plants for local customers. Today, the company grows popular outdoor trees and shrubs, bedding plants and edibles for the home gardener, while maintaining its wholesale presence in the Lower Mainland, Interior and Vancouver Island. 90% of our plants are locally grown, and we are known throughout the lower mainland for our hanging baskets and planters. We are always welcoming new customers and have a strong base of loyal, long-time customers.